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Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz Comments On Monday's Practice

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say after Monday's practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On the current running back situation: "Yeah, I mean our numbers are dropping there. Just from a practice standpoint and everything else. No different than a lot of other positions, we lost a couple of wide receivers for practice today. Guys that were tight or you know, got a little tweak here or there. So I think just about all those guys are day-to-day. We'll have to see with (Stephfon) Green, how he bounces back from this, but our numbers are a little bit light there right now. But that could change a lot in the next 48 hours, 24 hours."

On DE Cliff Avril at practice today: "Yeah, I mean, he looked like he was not in pads and everyone else was. You know, we took the pads off for a four minute drill at the end and he just got out there just to line up and then just did you know, three or four pass rushes at the end, just to sort of get his feet wet. When he comes back Wednesday, he'll be practicing just like everyone else. So we get him past that, and he's in good shape and we just got to get him in game shape. These guys have been out here for a week-and-a-half going pretty hard and he needs to, I don't want to say catch up, but there's an adjustment period to being in shape and being in football shape."

On whether or not Avril is expected to play in Friday's preseason game against the Cleveland Browns: "We really haven't talked a whole lot about play time yet, but we'll see when we get to that point."

On RB Mike Leshoure's condition: "I mean, he's back to running as part of his rehab and stuff like that. He's still day-to-day but every day he gets a little bit closer."

On how significant the preseason is to Leshoure considering he hasn't yet carried a ball in the pros: "I mean he carried it an awful lot in college and just like we saw at the end of OTAs, when you put the ball in his hands, a lot of those instincts and experience take over. But yeah, you're right; he hasn't done a whole bunch. And then also, with not being able to play in the first two games, his workload will definitely increase."

On whether or not today's practice was a mental letdown: "We had a couple off-sides that weren't our best representation. But yeah, there are some things you have to do. We had a night practice, first time we did that, then coming back on a short turnaround, to come back in full pads... I mean that's part of training camp. That's part of being a professional football player. It's the first time we had done that. It wasn't too hot a day today, but it's still training camp. We need to do a lot of things a little bit better including the way we responded today."

On his approach to prep for Friday's preseason game against the Cleveland Browns: "Yeah, not really. We'll do a couple periods here or there just so guys will be familiar with how to line up and stuff like that. But really at this point, particularly with preseason games, we're not game-planning anything. We're just going to run our stuff. We might run a couple periods that are Cleveland periods, not because game-planning, but just (for) more guys to be able to be familiar and be ready to go."

On the whether today's practice was similar to a Wednesday practice due to the game on Friday: "Oh no. It's training camp. I mean, honestly, the first time the words Cleveland came out of my mouth were about five seconds ago. We have way too much work to do, including today. We couldn't be looking forward to that. We need to put last night behind us; we need to get out here and practice. It's an off day for the players tomorrow. Keep them focused and driving through this. So yeah, we're not getting ahead of ourselves."

On the team having light practices before the first preseason game: "No, there was no real thought there. It was mainly because the way the schedule works out now that there is an off-day tomorrow. If we're going to have an off-day, we like for it to be a pretty good, heavy contact day knowing that the players have a good chunk of time to be able to recover from it. It really had nothing to do with the preseason game or any kind of scheduling on that."

On what he has seen from RB Kevin Smith: "Well, Kevin looks the same just about all the time. He's a very consistent player. He's very good mentally. The other thing is, physically, we saw him come back last year and give us a big boost and particularly early, put a lot of the injury things that he had had behind him and then he ended up getting an ankle (injury) and didn't really finish as strong as he had started. But Kevin is a very consistent player. He knows our offense inside and out, has done a nice job even picking up a few special teams here and there, and he's a leader for us. Kevin has had not just a good training camp, but a good offseason program for us."

On if he has to be careful with Smith considering the injuries to other running backs: "No, you don't think like that as a coach. Our numbers are important and you don't want to wear some guys out or something like that, but you can lose your mind trying to put a flag on a bunch of different players and stuff like that. You can't practice if you're doing that. You can't work hard if you're doing that, and you can't get 90 guys ready if you have 20 guys that you're worried about. These guys are professionals. They know how to practice. They go out and work hard. We don't think about anything else."

On T Riley Reiff: "Like a lot of rookies, he's learned something every day. You see the athletic ability. His technique is improving. The competition against some of our defensive ends, we got some guys out there that really test the young offensive linemen and if they have a weakness in technique or in scheme, they can exploit it. It's a learning process every day and he's been challenged, but he's also risen to the challenge daily. You see daily improvement from him. Look at him now compared to a week ago and you see him correcting things that maybe he gave up a week ago."

On how practicing against good players on each side of the ball helps the other: "Competition is always going to do that. There's more to it than just players working on technique. They're competing against good players and they're challenged by good players. Coordinators are challenged by schemes. Everybody's competitive out here and that brings out the best. I think the biggest thing there is from an evaluation standpoint, is you see which players are able to sort of adjust to the level of competition. The guys that can are the guys that are very promising for the future. Some guys might look good in one group but don't necessarily look good going against better competition. It's not just good for just our players to go through; it's a good evaluator for us."

On if S Louis Delmas will be 100-percent once the season starts: "I'm going to worry about tomorrow and the next day and the next day after that. He's battled some soreness in his knee and until we get a handle on that and get him through, then we don't need to worry about anything else. We're worried about short-term and how that approach is. We're not worried about regular season; I've said that a lot of times."

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