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Louis Delmas Has Surgery On Left Knee

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When Detroit Lions safety Louis Delmas first missed practice last week, Jim Schwartz downplayed his absence as rest. Schwartz didn't want Delmas' sore left knee to worsen, which is why he held Delmas out of practice.

Unfortunately, even with Delmas missing almost the entire last week of practice, the injury did worsen. It went from simple soreness to needing surgery to be repaired, and Delmas had surgery on his left knee on Tuesday. Dr. James Andrews performed the procedure, which was done with the hope of reducing swelling and getting Delmas ready for the start of the regular season. From MLive:

"At first it was sore, and then it was like, 'Okay, take a day off'," Schwartz said. "The next day it was still sore. Then he tried to go again. He tried to get back in, and we just weren't getting anywhere with it. That was really the only thing that changed."

Delmas is considered week-to-week, but the hope right now is that he will simply be ready to play when the regular season opens. The Lions' secondary fell apart when Delmas went down with an injury last season, and considering safety is one of their weakest positions, they really can't afford to be without him during the regular season.

In the bigger picture, this is yet another injury for Delmas, who has dealt with several of them during his career. He has struggled to stay healthy, and unfortunately injury issues are forcing him to miss time yet again.

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