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Tom Izzo Stops By Lions Training Camp

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Michigan State basketball head coach Tom Izzo visited Detroit Lions training camp on Wednesday. Izzo usually stops by training camp at least once a year to take in a practice and chat with coaches, and he conversed with Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham on Wednesday. From the Free Press:

"He’s crazy, and I’m crazy," Izzo said, "so we’re a good pair together.

"But I have great respect for a lot of these guys, and he’s one that I always kind of respected and liked and loved the passion he coached with, so we gravitated toward each other, maybe."

Izzo also said that he's learned a lot from football over the years and has become a better coach with his assistants because of football. Clearly, the sport means a lot to him even though he is a basketball coach. (My personal favorite Izzo-football connection is when he puts his players in shoulder pads for his rebounding drill.)

According to Dave Birkett, Detroit Mercy head basketball coach Ray McCallum was also at Wednesday's Lions practice. Earlier this month, Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke and his coaching staff attended a Lions practice.

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