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Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz Comments On Wednesday's Practice

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Below is a look at what Jim Schwartz had to say about Wednesday's Detroit Lions practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On the extent of S Louis Delmas' surgery: "He's week-to-week. As soon as he is able to get out and go and keep it from getting sore, then he'll be back. The reason he ended up getting it done was an effort to be able to get back on the field."

On what happened between his day-to-day status to needing surgery: "First it was sore and it was, ‘Okay take a day off.' Then the next day it was still sore and then he tried to go again and he tried to get back in and we just weren't getting anywhere with it. That was really the only thing that changed."

On how crucial it is to get Delmas back in any degree of health: "It doesn't do any good to have him back if he's not the same kind of player. That's the whole idea with why we did what we did was to get him back practicing, feeling good, and being healthy on the field because he does mean a lot to us. Not just from his play but his personality, his leadership, all those things."

On if there is enough time for him to be ready to play in Week 1: "Yeah, we really don't have any timetable. We just take every day day-by-day and as that comes then we'll start to make that decision as we get closer. Until then, we're not thinking about anything other than the next day and the next day after that. He's not day-to-day. Like I said, he's a little bit more week-to-week. We didn't go into it with any kind of agenda as far as a timetable."

On how confident he is on potential replacements at safety: "I don't know, we'll see. We've got a lot of guys that have played a lot of football. Erik Coleman has played a lot in his career. Unfortunately we lost him early last year. A young player like Amari Spievey, a couple veterans, particularly John Wendling has had an outstanding camp. But, it really doesn't matter what they look like in practice, it's how they play in games. These next four preseason games will go a long way toward determining how we feel about those guys and how they practice every day and things like that, not what they've done in the past. We've got some quality guys back there."

On if S Sean Jones has reached the point where he is free to play without thinking too much: "Yeah, not knowing the system for a veteran player is gone after about three or four days, you know what I mean? As soon as you get the terminology down it's fairly quick. If you're waiting around two weeks for that to happen, you're probably never going to get it. He's up to speed. He's comfortable in the defense and you see him make plays."

On what he expects to see out of players like QB Matthew Stafford who may not play much in the preseason games: "Everybody gets something out of playing. No. 1, trying to win the game; you want to go out and perform well individually. You want to perform well as a team. You want to try to win the game. That's always our No. 1 goal. We're not out there working on our curveball and that's all we're going to do throw curveballs. It's not spring training. We're out there to execute and he's the quarterback and that's basically his responsibility: execution of the offense. So, we want to move the ball. We want to score. We want to do our best to win the game."

On how much he expects the No. 1 unit to play: "I don't know. We'll see when we get there."

On preparing for a preseason game: "It's not just another day in training camp. They'll be prepared for the game but we're not going out there to do anything other than to execute our offense. We don't trick it up for a particular opponent in preseason and another thing is we don't go out there and experiment. We're not just out there to, you know, mess around and try something new and see what happens. We want to go out and set a standard every time we go out on the field and drive the ball, score, get stops on defense and play good special teams, all those things."

On being more vocal in practice today and if he was trying to get the team ‘fired up:' "I wouldn't call it firing anybody up but we weren't at our best today. We need to be better, particularly' after a day off. There are days off that are built into our schedule now with the new CBA and things like that. When we take advantage of a day off we don't need it to bleed over into the next day. We've got to make sure that doesn't happen."

On how careful he will be with RB Kevin Smith in the preseason: "You can't go into any game saying you're going to be careful with somebody. It's football. You have to go play. Everybody will have a certain number of reps, or a general number of reps, a general number of carries, or anything else and he's no different than anyone else. Our agenda is to go in and play the best football that we can for however long we're in there, not to be careful or to do anything else."

On DT Sammie Hill not practicing: "Yeah, back spasms. Don't anticipate anything more than day-to-day with him. He's a big man and he can get some torque on a back. He had the day off yesterday and I just didn't want to put him back out again today. Wait until it's feeling right."

On what he has seen out of DE Ronnell Lewis in camp: "He is learning. I don't want to say he's spread thin, because he's not, but for a rookie he's spread thin. He's expected to be able to pick up all the special teams and all of our defensive schemes and there's even some packages within there that he has responsibilities in. He missed a little bit of time early in camp. I don't think it really set him back, but he's shown his ability. He's a tough player. He's got really long arms and can give the offensive line some problems in pass protection and knock the pass down. Does a good job in teams and those kinds of things; he's going to be an important guy to watch through the preseason to see what he can contribute."

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