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Lions Expected To Start Bill Bentley, John Wendling Against Browns

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The reason the Detroit Lions described the depth chart they released earlier this week as "unofficial" is because it's not completely accurate. It was more of a general look at where things stand rather than a completely accurate representation of the Lions' plans for Friday's game against the Cleveland Browns.

An example of this comes in the secondary. Alphonso Smith was listed as a starter at cornerback, but Bill Bentley is expected to start in that spot on Friday. John Wendling is also expected to be in the starting lineup instead of Louis Delmas, who is out after having knee surgery earlier this week.

Bentley has been outstanding during training camp so far, so it's not a huge surprise that he is being rewarded with a spot in the starting lineup against Cleveland. The regular season is still a month away, but if Bentley plays as well as he's practiced, that starting spot should continue to be his going forward.

As for Wendling, he has been known for his play on special teams in the past, but he has improved quite a bit as a safety this summer, as evidenced by him being tabbed to replace Delmas on Friday.

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