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GIF: Matthew Stafford Completes Pass To Himself


One of the funnier moments in Sunday's Detroit Lions game happened toward the end of the third quarter. The Lions faced a second-and-13 situation and had the ball on the St. Louis Rams' side of the field. Quarterback Matthew Stafford threw a pass in hopes of moving the chains or at least making it third-and-short, but his throw was deflected. The ball bounced straight into the air, and Stafford alertly ran toward it and made the catch. He actually picked up three yards on the play. Take a look:


Not to be overlooked on this play is what Rob Sims did when the ball was in the air. He saw that the Rams' Eugene Sims had a shot to intercept Stafford when the ball was in the air, so he pushed Sims out of the way. This allowed Stafford to come in and make his first career reception in the NFL.

It's not every day you see something like "9-M.Stafford pass short middle to 9-M.Stafford to STL 44 for 3 yards" in the box score.

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