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Reasons To Celebrate, Week 1: Lions Vs. Rams


As part of a new series sponsored by Coors Light, we'll be taking a look each week at reasons to celebrate the Detroit Lions' previous game. The series begins this week with a look back at some reasons to celebrate the Lions' 27-23 victory over the St. Louis Rams.

  • The Lions won without playing their best. Just a few years ago, the Lions weren't talented enough to win games in which they struggled. There just wasn't enough talent to overcome an off day. That is obviously no longer the case, as the Lions won last Sunday despite playing a very sloppy game. While it wasn't good to see them struggle, the fact that they overcame that adversity to win is a good sign going forward.
  • Matthew Stafford turned in a clutch performance. Stafford's play in the first half was not good thanks to his three interceptions. Even in the second half he wasn't a whole lot better, and the offense was failing to do very much. When it mattered most, however, Stafford stepped his game up and led the Lions to victory. He quickly led them down the field after St. Louis went up by a touchdown in the fourth quarter, and he led them down the field again for the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds. He finished this game playing like we all expected him to from the start, and he was able to put those interceptions out of memory to lead the Lions to victory.
  • The Lions stopped the run. Last season, the Lions had one hell of a time trying to contain opposing running backs, and going into the Rams game, there was some concern over stopping Steven Jackson. He wasn't able to do much of anything against the Lions, though. He only picked up 53 yards on 21 rushes for an average of 2.5 yards per carry. What's more, the Lions did an excellent job of stopping him on the "wham" play that gave them so many issues last season.

What other things from Week 1 are giving you a reason to celebrate as we head into Week 2?

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