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VIDEO: Handshake Alternatives For Jim Schwartz And Jim Harbaugh

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Perhaps the biggest storyline for Sunday night's game between the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers is the post-game handshake. Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh, the head coaches of these two teams, got into it a bit after last year's post-game handshake. As a result, the word "handshake" has been thrown around quite a bit already, and I'm sure it will be mentioned often during Sunday's broadcast.

While both Schwartz and Harbaugh have downplayed the notion that there is any bad blood over the handshake, this storyline isn't going away. Schwartz actually had a funny quote about how he shook hands with Harbaugh "without incident" this past offseason, but until they meet and shake hands again after Sunday's game, this storyline won't be put to rest.

Although this storyline really is being blown out of proportion, it is still funny to look back on what happened last year. It can also be funny to look ahead and imagine what will happen after Sunday's game. While there aren't expected to be any fireworks, Jerry Mallory took a look at some alternatives for Schwartz and Harbaugh's post-game embrace given how well last year's handshake went. Check it out:

Personally, I think Schwartz and Harbaugh need to hug it out.

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