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Pick 6 Fantasy Football: Week 2 Leaderboard

The second week of Pick 6 is in the books, and there was some noticeable improvement in the scores from Week 1 to Week 2. This is probably from a combination of getting the hang of how to assemble a Pick 6 team and getting a better idea of which players are actually worth picking. Here's a look at the leaderboard for Week 2:

  1. wowjimi (99.4 points)
  2. nuftjedi (95.2)
  3. LionsFanInJapan (91.7)
  4. Twon82 (90.1)
  5. movieking (89.3)
  6. Sean Yuille (88.9)
  7. lions44 (87.9)
  8. separateunion (86.6)
  9. rico1080 (86.0)
  10. Enforcer (85.8)

The overall winner for Week 2 once again came from Buffalo Rumblings. Buffalo Mo had a score of 114.8 points, which is a new high for Pick 6 this season.

Even if you haven't taken part in Pick 6 yet, you can still sign up for Week 3. New games start each week, and you have until the Thursday night game to sign up for Week 3.

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