Just thought I would share good news

We first off I must freely confess that I have not been around POD in the past few months. I also know that most probably never even knew but I'm ok with that.

So any ways it's been an exciting few months for me. Started in June when I was on vacation in Florida and picked up 2 more tattoos. 1 is my Lions Tattoo that I finally got. So since then I got my house bulit and I finally got my Lions Den. Last week I painted that room with the Lions colors. Now have started to get out all my stuff I have been collecting for the past 20+ yrs and it's starting to look real good in there.

So now the 1 thing that has finally took me over the top is. I finally have been in a position where I have the means to go to my 2nd Lions game ever. This weekend when Lions come to Nashville to play the Titans. Now it's about 3+ hrs. to get there but so worth it. The last time I saw the Lions was in Phoenix in Nov. back in 99. So i'm very excited about all this and just thought I would share my good news with all my POD family.

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