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Lions Notes: John Wendling Fined For Hit On Alex Smith

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Lions notes looks at John Wendling's fine, stats from last week's game, the announcers for Sunday's game and much more.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images
  • The NFL fined Detroit Lions safety John Wendling $7,875 for his late hit on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. Wendling wasn't actually penalized on the play, but it was pretty clearly a late hit. (So was a hit on Matthew Stafford earlier in the game that also wasn't flagged, but it doesn't appear there was a fine for that one.)
  • According to Tom Leyden, the Lions are going to wear their Honolulu blue jerseys on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.
  • As pointed out by @Detroit4lyfe, Mike Martz is going to be the color commentator for Sunday's Lions game. Say hello to my mute button, FOX. (Ron Pitts will be the play-by-play announcer.)
  • Lions offensive tackle Jeff Backus set a franchise record last Sunday for games played by an offensive lineman (178).

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