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Matthew Stafford Scheduled To Have MRI On Right Leg On Monday

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford will have an MRI on Monday after leaving Sunday's game against the Titans with a right leg injury.

Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Detroit Lions' ridiculous comeback to send Sunday's game into overtime against the Tennessee Titans was led by Shaun Hill, not Matthew Stafford. The reason for this is because Stafford left Sunday's game with a right leg injury following the Titans' 72-yard fumble return for a touchdown with 1:16 left in the fourth quarter. Stafford pulled up lame while chasing after Alterraun Verner, and he didn't make another appearance in the game.

Following the game, which ultimately ended up being a 44-41 loss for the Lions, Stafford discussed the injury and said that it's been something that has been bothering him "all week." Specifically, he thinks he hurt his right hamstring or right glut. He is planning to have an MRI on Monday to see exactly what is wrong. Here's more of what he said from MLive:

"I kind of felt it a couple of plays during the game. I tried to sit on a heat pack to try to keep it loose and warm. On that last play, trying to go after that guy. I couldn't turn it on.

"I felt like if I tried to turn it on, it would have been a lost worse than it is."

Stafford's leg issue didn't even land him on the injury report during the week, so it must not have been anything even remotely serious until he actually started playing on Sunday. Once it became an issue, Stafford was struggling with it, and then it all went downhill on that fumble return.

At this point it's far too early to speculate on if Stafford will be available for next week's game against the Minnesota Vikings. The good news is that the Lions have an excellent backup in Hill, who came in cold against the Titans and went 10-of-13 for 172 yards and two touchdowns in the final minute of regulation and in overtime. If Stafford can't play, Hill will get the start for the Lions.

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