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GIF: Lions Send Titans Game To Overtime On Last-Second Hail Mary

Another look at the Lions' last-second Hail Mary touchdown that forced overtime against the Titans on Sunday.

Frederick Breedon - Getty Images

The end of regulation of Sunday's game was quite memorable, but not as memorable as it should be considering the Detroit Lions ended up losing in overtime. The fact that they suffered a 44-41 defeat to the Tennessee Titans will ultimately overshadow the remarkable comeback that sent the game to overtime in the first place. The game itself will go down as one of the craziest in Lions and even NFL history, but the end result is all that matters at the end of the day.

All that said, let's take a moment to appreciate just how awesome the end of regulation was. Shaun Hill came into the game for an injured Matthew Stafford with 1:16 left on the clock. The Lions were trailing 41-27, and Hill led them down the field for an 80-yard touchdown drive in only 58 seconds. After an onside kick was recovered by the Lions with 16 seconds left, Hill threw an incompletion in the direction of Nate Burleson. Then, on the final play of regulation, he threw a Hail Mary to the end zone. This is what happened:



Titus Young came down with the ball after the deflection and fell into the end zone for a 46-yard touchdown. Jason Hanson nailed the extra point to tie the game and force overtime. While the Lions did ultimately lose in the extra session, that doesn't change the ridiculousness of what they pulled off at the end of regulation.

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