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Lions to bring back punter Nick Harris?

With Ben Graham potentially headed to injured reserve, it looks like the Lions might bring back punter Nick Harris to replace him.

J. Meric - Getty Images

With punter Ben Graham injuring his calf on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, it's looking like the team may decide to bring in a new punter this week. Kicker Jason Hanson was forced to fill in for Graham at punter after the injury happened, and although Hanson did a pretty good job, he has no interest in going into the next game as the starting punter.

Interestingly enough, it's looking as though the Lions will bring back Nick Harris to replace the injured Graham. Harris was the Lions' starting punter from 2003-2010. Ryan Donahue beat out Harris in training camp last year, and Harris ended up playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011. He spent time with the Carolina Panthers this offseason but was released at the end of last month.

While nothing is set in stone right now, Dave Birkett reports that Graham is likely going to be placed on IR. Considering Harris was at the Lions' facility on Monday to speak with Jim Schwartz, it seems like a good bet that Harris will be signed if Graham does in fact go on IR.

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