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Pick 6 fantasy football: Week 3 leaderboard

Taking a look at which Pride Of Detroit users topped the Week 3 leaderboard for SB Nation Pick 6.

Let's not talk about my performance in Pick 6 in Week 3. It was rough, just like my performance in the Pride Of Detroit Fantasy Football League and our pick'em pool. Week 3 is one to be forgotten for me personally.

Overall, the scores for Pride Of Detroit users in Pick 6 were up quite a bit. After having winning scores of 93.4 and 99.4 points in the first two weeks of the season, we broke the 100-point mark in Week 3. Actually, a few people hit triple digits, and first and second place were separated by only 0.1 of a point. Here's a look at the top 10 from Week 3:

  1. bammotang (104.2 points)
  2. londonlion (104.1)
  3. nickchuck (102.0)
  4. Lionz Fowlweatherfan (99.5)
  5. TMadison25 (97.4)
  6. bezeerk (96.0)
  7. kingsaint1515 (93.3)
  8. spamheads (90.9)
  9. seansquared (90.9)
  10. BlackEvanDown (90.2)

In Week 3, the overall winner for Pick 6 came from Bleeding Green Nation. SUGMG4 won with a total of 112.4 points.

As always, you have until the Thursday night game to sign up for the next round of Pick 6.

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