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VIDEO: Bold Predictions For The 2012 NFL Season

The 2012 NFL season officially kicks off on Wednesday night when the New York Giants host the Dallas Cowboys. This means time is running out to make predictions about the 2012 season. Who will win the Super Bowl? Which players will emerge as award winners? What should we expect to happen during the playoffs? These are just some of the questions that Jerry Mallory took a look at in his latest video for Pride Of Detroit and SB Nation. It features several bold predictions about the NFL. Check it out:

The word bold certainly comes into play in describing the NFC North. It would be very surprising if the Chicago Bears win the division and the Detroit Lions take the wild card spot, as that would mean the Green Bay Packers are on the outside looking in. I certainly hope Jerry's predictions come true, though, as the Lions are predicted to go pretty far in the postseason in them.

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