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Detroit Lions Predictions: Offensive MVP

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After taking a look at our predictions for the Detroit Lions' record on Thursday, it's now time to break things down and take a look at specific categories for the 2012 season. First, let's examine our predictions for the Lions' offensive MVP in 2012.

simscity: WR Calvin Johnson

Matthew Johnson. No! Calvin Stafford! It's pretty obvious that it's going to be one of the two this year. Both set franchise records all over the board last year. I think I'll give the edge to Calvin Johnson only because the offense can still be managed with Shaun Hill behind center, but if Megatron is gone, there is no one on the roster that comes close to his skill.

Packey: QB Matthew Stafford

Stafford-to-Calvin is the most valuable play of the offense and together they make each other better. I think Stafford's success is a little bit more valuable than Johnson's, though.

Sean Yuille: QB Matthew Stafford

Not having Calvin Johnson would be a more crushing blow to the Lions' offense than not having Matthew Stafford based on the make-up of the roster, but I think Stafford will do more for the team in 2012. What I mean by that is I don't think the Lions will have to rely as much on Johnson as they did in 2011. With Titus Young expected to become an even bigger part of the offense, Ryan Broyles joining the team and several other weapons returning, I think Stafford will become the focus of the offense in 2012 instead of Megatron, which is why I gave Stafford the offensive MVP nod.

TuffLynx: QB Matthew Stafford

If the Lions' offense is going to be a freight train that rolls over other teams. then Matthew Stafford has to be the engine that drives it. I completely respect the talent and production of Calvin Johnson, but without Stafford he does not have a great year, either. It all begins with the ball in Stafford's hands and that is why he is my prediction to be the offensive MVP for the Lions in 2012.

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