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Lions keep door open on possible return of Titus Young

Jim Schwartz didn't completely rule out the idea of Titus Young returning to the Detroit Lions when asked on Monday.


After sending him home yet again during the season and putting him on injured reserve, it seemed like the Detroit Lions were just about done with wide receiver Titus Young. After misbehaving yet again -- this time allegedly lining up incorrectly on purpose -- it seemed as if Young's time was essentially over in Detroit.

On Monday, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz provided a much different take on the Young situation. He isn't ready to give up on Young, and he sounded pretty open to Young eventually returning under the right set of circumstances. From MLive:

"He's still on our roster and everybody that's still on our roster is on our roster for a reason," Schwartz said. "There is still a window there. There's a chance, there is a process involved there. He's a very talented player. Obviously, he made a difference when he was on the field."

Given that the Lions will have a new wide receivers coach in 2013, Young will have a chance for a fresh start in that regard. He won't get a fresh start with the other coaches or his teammates, though. To me, that is going to be the biggest thing preventing him from truly coming back. I mean, he would be on his fourth chance if he returns again, right?

If anything, perhaps this is Schwartz's way of simply keeping the possibility of a trade open. The Lions would certainly prefer to get something in return for Young instead of simply releasing him, and that isn't going to happen if you drive down his value. To me, that is more likely behind Schwartz's comments than the possibility actually existing of Young coming back and contributing anything to this team.

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