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Calvin Johnson: Dominant on the field and in Madden

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has replicated his dominance in Madden NFL 13 on the football field.


This week's Gillette "No Debate" question is as follows: "Who is the most dominant player both on the field and in EA Sports Madden NFL 13?"

It should come as no surprise that I'm going with the cover boy for Madden NFL 13, Calvin Johnson. What he did in 2012 was almost like a video game type of season. In Madden, when all else fails, you throw the ball up for Megatron and have him go get it. For the Detroit Lions, that often became the game plan during the 2012 season. Nobody else stepping up at wide receiver? The running game struggling? Just have Matthew Stafford throw a deep ball that only Johnson can snag.

Especially the last two seasons, Johnson has become a dominant player that very few teams have been able to stop. Sometimes in Madden, you just come up against a team that can't do anything to stop a certain player, and you keep feeding him the ball as a result. That's what it felt like watching Johnson in the final couple months of the 2012 season. You knew he was going to get the ball, and he put up big numbers despite defenses keying in on him.

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