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Lions predictions review: Offensive MVP

A look at how Pride Of Detroit's writers fared with their predictions on the Lions' Offensive MVP in 2012.

Gregory Shamus

As we continue to wrap up the 2012 season for the Detroit Lions, let's take a look back at our predictions from before the season. Next up is a look at our predictions for the Lions' Offensive MVP.

Jeremy Reisman | Prediction: Calvin Johnson | Actual pick: Calvin Johnson

If I didn't jinx Megatron by predicting him to be the offensive MVP, and the Madden Curse couldn't stop him from claiming the receiving record, the man is truly immortal. And not to be understated, Johnson did it all while remaining a shining example of leadership, class and humbleness. It is now mandatory law that every citizen of Detroit must wear an 81 jersey on Sundays, and rightfully so. He's everything this team should be.

Packey | Prediction: Matthew Stafford | Actual pick: Calvin Johnson

If the Lions were going to make it back to the postseason, I thought Stafford needed to be the team's MVP, so that's why I went with him. But there's no question that Megatron was this year's Most Valuable Player.

Johnson shattered Jerry Rice's receiving record with 1,964 yards on 122 catches. The 122 catches were the most by a Lion since Herman Moore caught 123 in 1995. While Johnson only caught 5 touchdowns, a drop-off from 16 a year ago, he set up plenty with big gains and getting triple-teamed in the end zone.

Madden Curse, huh?

Sean Yuille | Prediction: Matthew Stafford | Actual pick: Calvin Johnson

A big reason why the Lions went 4-12 was because Matthew Stafford wasn't even close to being this team's MVP on offense. The fact that the offense had to rely so heavily on Calvin Johnson also contributed to the Lions' 4-12 record. Megatron had to carry the team in the last couple months of the season, and he was really the only player you could depend on every week.

TuffLynx | Prediction: Matthew Stafford | Actual pick: Calvin Johnson

After a breakout performance in 2011, I expected Matthew Stafford to establish himself as an elite quarterback this season. Instead we got a very inconsistent and sometimes skittish quarterback. His numbers weren't horrible, but numbers can often even out the highs and lows. In some ways, Stafford was better than the numbers he posted. In other ways, he was far worse. We can all be impressed that Stafford came so close to a second straight 5,000-yard season. We can also be impressed with the idea that he could have thrown for 6,000 yards if he could just be more consistent and find some touch on his passes. Stafford actually regressed in his ability to put touch on the ball. He depended far too much on his arm strength and not enough on playing smart. The real MVP for the offense was Calvin Johnson, by a landslide.

POD readers | Prediction: Matthew Stafford

63 percent of the 668 votes in our poll were for Stafford. Johnson received 31 percent of the votes, with the rest going to the "somebody else" category.

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