rethinking the Detroit Lion's d-line

So the one point of pride we were suppose to have on defense this year (and supposedly for years to come) was our incredibly talented and deep defensive line. man... talk about a let down this year.

Suh and Fairley looked great this year, but only once Fairley got into the starting line up. Im a big Corey Williams fan, but I think Fairley proved he should be starting from now on. I hope we bring back both Williams and SLH for depth.

My big gripe is the defensive ends. Avril, to me, has clearly checked out of this team so I think we should let him walk unless we get him at a very very reasonable rate, but even that scares me a little because he might feel resentment towards the Lions for not paying him after putting up great numbers. KVB, Willie Young, and LoJack were all equally disappointing. With teams having to game plan not only for Suh, but for Fairley as well, how do we not have two ends with 8-10 sacks each?

My solution? I think the Lions should let LoJack and Avril walk and bring back Turk McBride and sign Ray Edwards at a very reasonable rate. The jury is still out on Willie Young, but this is clearly a make-or-break upcoming year for him, and I wouldnt be surprised if the Lions brought in some more veteran guys and ended up cutting Young in training camp. Sadly, I think we are stuck with KVB until his contract runs out, but I think he could still be valuable as a rotational guy, just not as a starter. I am also not opposed to using our 1st rounder on a DE, but would prefer if the Lions traded down from that pick to get additional draft picks.

Definitely would like to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter!

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