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Pick 6 fantasy football: Week 17 leaderboard

Taking a look at which Pride Of Detroit users topped the Week 17 leaderboard for SB Nation Pick 6.


With the final week of the regular season in the books for the NFL, SB Nation Pick 6 has come to a close for 2012. The Week 17 winner for Pride Of Detroit was ncbur10, who finished with 86.8 points. This was just 1.0 point ahead of wowjimi, who was second with 85.8 points.

Here's a look at the top 10 for Pride Of Detroit in Week 17:

  1. ncbur10 (86.8 points)
  2. wowjimi (85.8)
  3. Vangus (78.7)
  4. rico1080 (77.8)
  5. pcfixerhough (77.1)
  6. The Profiler (74.8)
  7. LonnieLion (70.5)
  8. Adrian Dirtbags (66.2)
  9. joker2400 (65.4)
  10. bwilley (65.2)

The overall winner for Week 17 was Eugene Banks from Mile High Report, SB Nation's Denver Broncos blog, with 117.1 points.

Thanks to everybody who took part in Pick 6 during the 2012 season. Considering this was its first year, I have to say that I'm impressed it went so smoothly. Kudos to the guys behind the scenes at SB Nation for making that happen.

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