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2013 NFL Draft order: List of Detroit Lions' picks

A look at where the Detroit Lions will pick in each round of the 2013 NFL Draft.


The full seven-round 2013 NFL Draft order won't be announced until later in the offseason. This is because the NFL needs to wait for the playoffs to determine the order for the final 12 picks in each round, and it also needs to hand out compensatory picks at the end of certain rounds. This means that as far as overall pick numbers go, we will have to wait to see where the Detroit Lions land once you get beyond the first few rounds.

Since the Lions are set to pick fifth overall in the first round, we do know where they will select in each round, and we also know which picks the Lions currently have. It's likely they will receive at least one compensatory pick, but that is to be determined at a later date.

Here's a rundown of the picks currently belonging to the Lions:

  • Round 1 - Pick No. 5
  • Round 2 - Pick No. 4
  • Round 3 - Pick No. 3
  • Round 5 - Pick No. 4
  • Round 6 - Pick No. 3
  • Round 7 - Pick No. 5

There are two things to note from this list. First, where exactly the Lions pick changes from round to round since they finished with the same record as the Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles. In each round, the order rotates among these three teams. The Lions pick last among the 4-12 teams in the first round, but they move up to second and first in the next two rounds. Then the order resets itself and the Lions move back to the end of the line.

The other major thing to take note of is that the Lions do not have a fourth-round pick. This is because they traded it to the Minnesota Vikings during the 2012 NFL Draft in order to acquire a fifth-round pick to select linebacker Tahir Whitehead. Had that trade not happened, the Lions would own the fifth pick of the fourth round, but that belongs to the Vikings because of the deal.

I'm expecting the Lions to get at least one compensatory pick for losing cornerback Eric Wright during free agency last year. Where exactly will that pick be? I'm not quite sure. I could also see the Lions getting an extra seventh-round pick just from the NFL filling out the draft order. That will be determined in the next couple months.

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