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Jim Schwartz, Martin Mayhew expected to remain with Lions

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and general manager Martin Mayhew appear to be safe, as both are expected to stay with the team in 2013.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew held his end-of-season press conference on Wednesday and confirmed that we shouldn't expect there to be a head coaching change or a shake-up in the front office. While he didn't definitively say that there won't be any changes, he indicated that based on his conversations with the Fords, he expects to return, and he expects head coach Jim Schwartz to return as well.

Mayhew also shot down the idea that tension has developed between him and Schwartz. Sports Illustrated's Don Banks reported that the 2012 season had produced some tension between the two, but Mayhew called that "erroneous," according to Tim Twentyman. Mayhew also said that his relationship with Schwartz is the same as it was in 2009. In other words, the notion of conflict between Mayhew and Schwartz is vastly overblown.

Although I suppose Mayhew didn't completely close the door on the possibility of changes being made, it appears that he is safe for now, as is Schwartz. If they are indeed back for 2013, then this will be a make-or-break season. I can't see the Lions keeping Schwartz if they struggle again and miss the playoffs, and Mayhew's job would probably be in jeopardy as well. They have to be on their game in 2013 if they want to continue working for the Lions.

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