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Lions not expected to make additional changes to coaching staff

It appears the changes to the Detroit Lions' coaching staff are limited to the three that were announced earlier in the week.


Not only is Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz expected to remain with the team, but it appears the other coaches still on the staff are as well. Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said on Wednesday that he doesn't anticipate any additional changes to the coaching staff, according to Dave Birkett. What's more, any other possible changes will be up to Schwartz.

What this means is that going into 2013, it looks like the Lions will have only three new coaches on their staff. Right now, they have to find new coaches for their running backs, wide receivers and offensive line after severing ties with Sam Gash, Shawn Jefferson and George Yarno earlier this week. If those are the only changes, then there won't be much turnover from 2012 to 2013 despite the team going 4-12.

This was really my biggest fear going into the offseason. It's one thing to bring back Schwartz after a 4-12 season, but to bring him back and barely make any changes to the coaching staff is just frustrating. You don't want to make changes just for the sake of change, but I don't get the thinking behind bringing back the same quarterbacks coach, all the same defensive assistants and all the same coordinators.

And on that note, how can the Lions justify bringing back special teams coordinator Danny Crossman? Sure, the special teams cover units got better as the season progressed, but that was only after they cost the Lions two games. Not only that, but the Lions' punting was terrible throughout the season, and don't even get me started on the return units.

This just speaks to the general lack of accountability surrounding the team right now. It takes a lot for players to be benched, and it apparently takes even more for coaches to be let go unless their contract is up. I can't say that I'm surprised the Lions aren't cleaning house, but only three coaching changes after the season we just witnessed is really inexcusable in my book.

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