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Senior Bowl 2013: Denard Robinson meets with Lions

Michigan's Denard Robinson met with the Detroit Lions on Sunday at the 2013 Senior Bowl.


Over the next couple months, NFL teams will meet with quite a few potential draft picks. Most of these meetings will take place at events like the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine, and then teams will bring in certain players for visits to get a closer look at them.

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At the Senior Bowl, the Detroit Lions are in the unique position of coaching the South team, so they will be meeting with players simply by coaching them. They also will have a chance to meet with players from the North team, and they got those meetings started on Sunday night. Michigan's Denard Robinson was one of the players they met with, and he had this to say about his chat with the Lions and other teams (from the Free Press):

"They like me," he said. "They just said I got to show them I can catch. That’s what they say."

As discussed earlier, Robinson is expected to go in the first few rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft assuming he does show teams that he can catch the ball. We know he is fast, and we know he can run the ball. What remains to be seen is what kind of hands he has. That could ultimately determine just how early he gets drafted and whether or not the Lions end up being a legitimate landing spot for him.

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