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Lions add Jim Washburn as defensive assistant, according to report

The Detroit Lions have reportedly hired Jim Washburn as a defensive assistant.


The Detroit Lions have hired Jim Washburn as a defensive assistant, according to USA Today. Washburn's hire hasn't been announced by the Lions, and Washburn doesn't have an exact title yet, according to the report. However, he is expected to join the coaching staff to assist with the defensive line.

The interesting thing about this move is that Kris Kocurek is still the defensive line coach. No change has been made there, but clearly the Lions think it's worth adding another person with experience coaching the D-line to the mix. Given how disappointing the defensive line was as a whole last season, I suppose it makes sense.

Washburn joins the Lions after spending the last couple years as the Philadelphia Eagles' defensive line coach. (He was fired in early December.) Before going to Philly, Washburn coached the defensive line for the Tennessee Titans from 1999-2010. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz is obviously familiar with him from their time in Tennessee, and Washburn has a lot of experience with the Wide 9 defense.

Jeremiah Washburn, Jim Washburn's son, was actually promoted to Lions offensive line coach a week ago. This means the father and son duo are now on the same coaching staff with Jim joining the Lions.

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