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Detroit Lions roster review: Safety

A look back at how the Detroit Lions' safeties performed in 2012.


As part of our season wrap-up series, we are going to examine how each player on the roster performed in 2012. Next up is our look at the Detroit Lions' safeties.

Louis Delmas - 8 games (8 starts) | 38 tackles, 2 pass defenses, 1 INT

Delmas' biggest problem in 2012 was his inability to stay healthy. Knee problems kept him out for half of the season and really hurt the Lions' defense. The Lions were a different team with him on the field, but he couldn't be counted on because of the injury issues. Delmas has to stay healthy going forward if he wants to remain in the Lions' future plans.

Don Carey - 9 games (6 starts) | 39 tackles, 5 pass defenses, 2 INT

Because of all the injuries at safety, Carey became a starter for the Lions despite only rejoining the team in the middle of the season. He played well enough to earn a contract extension, and he figures to be in the mix for a starting job again in 2013.

Amari Spievey (finished season on IR) - 5 games (2 starts) | 21 tackles, 0 pass defenses, 0 INT

Spievey felt the effects of a concussion he suffered in the playoffs for a good part of last offseason. Perhaps this is why he lost his starting job after seemingly taking a step back during training camp and the preseason. He later regained his starting job, but his season was ended soon after because of another concussion. The good news is he has been cleared to return from his most recent concussion, but his health remains a concern going forward and could result in the Lions deciding against re-signing him this offseason.

John Wendling - 16 games (3 starts) | 29 tackles, 0 pass defenses, 0 INT

Normally known for his play on special teams, Wendling looked quite good as a starter at safety in the preseason. This didn't really last once the regular season began, though. Eventually he returned to his normal role as being mainly a special teams player, and that is really what fits him best.

Ricardo Silva - 10 games (6 starts) | 40 tackles, 3 pass defenses, 1 INT

Silva was signed off the practice squad during the season and showed some real potential at safety for the Lions. He was in the starting lineup for six games, but his playing time dropped as the season progressed. Actually, he wasn't even active for two of the final three games of the season. Carey's emergence resulted in less playing time for Silva, who still seems like he should be in the mix for a roster spot next season.

Tyrell Johnson - 4 games (0 starts) | 3 tackles, 0 pass defenses, 0 INT

Johnson joined the Lions for the final month of the season and didn't do a whole lot at safety.

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