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Titus Young goes on bizarre Twitter rant

Somebody needs to take Titus Young's Twitter privileges away. Check out the bizarre rant he went on.

Leon Halip

Early Tuesday morning, Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young broke his Twitter silence. There hadn't been any activity on his account since Dec. 30 of last year, but he has been plenty busy in the last 12 or so hours. After retweeting a hateful message directed at him, Young went on an extended and bizarre rant, tweeting various things about his situation with the Lions. Here's the first part of the rant:

As I was watching the rant unfold, my first thought was, "Somebody really needs to take his phone away before he really tweets something stupid." While he hasn't hit quite that level just yet, he is getting closer with what he tweeted on Tuesday afternoon:

Sorry, Titus, but you are selfish. There's only one football to go around, and not getting it is not an excuse to quit on your team. What's more (and to translate that last tweet), I don't think running somebody else's routes because they're getting the ball is a very good excuse for acting like a selfish tool.

The Lions should have just cut Young last season and been done with this situation. He may have talent, but it's clear he still hasn't learned his lesson and probably never will.

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