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Lawrence Jackson offers advice to Titus Young, Lions fans

Detroit Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson has some advice for wide receiver Titus Young and fans.


Before this week, Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young's Twitter account had been silent since the end of December. This was probably for the best based on what happened when he broke his silence this week. He went on an odd rant that only further alienated himself with Lions fans because of some of his tweets. The rant resulted in Lions head coach Jim Schwartz having to answer questions about Young down at the Senior Bowl, and it was really just another sign that Young lacks maturity.

On Wednesday, Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson tweeted some advice to Young. I've found Jackson to be one of the best follows on Twitter when it comes to Lions players, and Young would be wise to take his advice.

Jackson also tweeted some advice to Lions fans.

Jackson has a point, but it's unrealistic to expect fans to support Young given what he's done since last summer. The Twitter rant was really nothing compared to sucker-punching a teammate and lining up incorrectly on purpose. This was merely the latest example of why fans have turned against him. I do think fans rallied around him after the whole sucker-punch incident, but at this point it's really a situation where it's tough to support someone who has already disappointed you multiple times.

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