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Titus Young goes on another Twitter rant

On Friday morning, Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young went on another Twitter rant. Here are the tweets.

Leon Halip

If you were holding out hope that Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young's Twitter rant earlier this week would be a positive turning point in his life and career, it's probably time to stop. It's clearly not going to turn out that way. If anything, it's a turning point in the sense that the Lions may finally say enough is enough and release him, especially given that he went on yet another Twitter rant early Friday morning.

If Young is referring to threats from the Lions about cutting him, I actually agree with him. Stop the threats and get rid of him once the rosters are unlocked after the Super Bowl. I'm sick of him being on the Lions, and quite frankly, this just needs to end. Young's trade value has to be nonexistent if it wasn't already, and the Lions need to put a stop to this.

That wasn't all of Young's rant, by the way. He also went on a spree of tweets in which he replied to fans. That's never a wise thing to do when your mentions are nothing but negative replies, and well, yeah, Young again doesn't come off very well.

There aren't enough facepalms in the world for this story. Talk about a fall from grace.

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