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Senior Bowl 2013: Denard Robinson's stock takes a tumble

Michigan's Denard Robinson hasn't had a very good week at the 2013 Senior Bowl.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Denard Robinson's first week as a wide receiver has not gone well. He was unable to fully practice earlier in the week at the 2013 Senior Bowl because of the nerve injury he's had in his elbow since last season, and once he was cleared, he didn't impress at wide receiver. This isn't a huge surprise considering he is so new to the position, but Dave Birkett reports that Robinson's stock has dropped as a result.

"Not good," one AFC scout told the Free Press. "I think he took himself from like the third, fourth round to like the sixth, seventh round."

Robinson decided to go with wide receiver as his position (for now) because he thinks it fits him well. While that may end up being an okay move in the long run, I think Robinson would have been better off playing running back at the Senior Bowl. He's a natural runner, but he's not a natural receiver. It's clear he needs a lot of work at wide receiver, which is why his stock has dropped.

Robinson has already met with the Detroit Lions at the Senior Bowl, and head coach Jim Schwartz told MLive "it's probably too soon to tell" just how this position switch will work out. He's right, as Robinson is only really starting to learn his new position. He needs to come back and show improvement at the NFL Combine, and his pro day will be important as well.

There is definitely time for Robinson to improve his stock, but I actually think this is a good thing for the Lions. There is much less of a risk that goes along with drafting a player like Robinson in one of the final rounds. With his stock dropping, it gives them a better chance to draft him, and they could very well decide to put him at running back instead of wide receiver. I think he will play both positions in the NFL, but it's important to decide which one is his primary position. It's wide receiver right now, but I could certainly see the Lions using a late-round pick on him and putting him at running back.

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