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Lions predictions review: Special Teams MVP

A look at how Pride Of Detroit's writers fared with their predictions on the Lions' Special Teams MVP in 2012.

Leon Halip

As we continue to wrap up the 2012 season for the Detroit Lions, let's take a look back at our predictions from before the season. Last up is a look at our predictions for the Lions' Special Teams MVP.

Sean Yuille | Prediction: Jason Hanson | Actual pick: Jason Hanson

Hanson set the franchise's single-season scoring record in 2012. Enough said.

TuffLynx | Prediction: Kassim Osgood | Actual pick: Kassim Osgood

I think I can make a compelling argument for Kassim Osgood as the Special Teams MVP. He was one of the few bright spots on the special teams coverage units. We could probably put in a good word for Ashlee Palmer in that regard as well. Jason Hanson was what we thought he was. Osgood gets my vote mainly because he was the only guy making big plays on the punt and kick coverage teams. He also plays on more special teams units than Hanson. I expect Osgood to return to the Lions next season and contribute even more.

Jeremy Reisman | Prediction: Jason Hanson | Actual pick: Jason Hanson

Everyone else ties for LVP honors.

Packey | Prediction: Jason Hanson | Actual pick: Jason Hanson

Special teams cost the Lions at least three games this year (Hanson included), but it's hard to think of anyone more valuable on the unit than the 42-year-old Hanson. He hit 89 percent of his field goals, 10th best in the NFL, and he even helped out with punting one game, averaging only 2 fewer yards per punt than the Lions' starters (who sucked). Hanson is a Hall of Fame kicker who continues to kick like he's in his prime.

POD readers | Prediction: Jason Hanson

57 percent of the 484 votes in our poll were for Hanson. The rest of the vote was split between various other players and the "somebody else" category.

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