Free Agents for Lions Postional Needs

The subject of this post is very simple; what free agents are available for the Detroit Lions and their positional needs? After reading through a lot of posts and POD user comments, I think we can agree that the needs that must be addressed for Detroit going into the off season are; DE, S, CB, LB, OL, RB and P. To make things interesting, however, I will not include the Lions own free agents. The Lions have 23 unrestricted free agents and it could honestly turn out to be a crap shoot of who does and who doesn't come back.

The following list of free agents is not listed in any particular order nor is the position. I know some of these players are unrealistic reaches due to the Lions cap/team situation. Also I will admit that I have not done my homework on many of these guys. Im just throwing out names to generate conversation. Please feel free to throw in some more names that I might have missed!

Defensive End




Offensive Line

Running Back


As a side note, I am not advocating for the Lions to go out and sign a bunch of free agents. Championship teams are built through the draft, not free agency. The Detroit Pistons clearly proved that you can not win a championship through free agency (thank you Ben Gordon and Charlie-V) but, FO's are going to miss on draft picks, it happens. Also, after scouring through the free agent list, I tried to stay away from the older guys who appeared to have a down season.

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