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Amari Spievey cleared to return from concussion

Detroit Lions safety Amari Spievey has been cleared to return from the concussion that ended his 2012 season early.

Ronald Martinez

When the Detroit Lions put safety Amari Spievey on injured reserve last November after he suffered yet another concussion, it felt like the Jahvid Best situation was playing out all over again. Spievey spent a significant part of last offseason recovering from a concussion he suffered in the playoffs against the New Orleans Saints, and he dealt with headaches even after being cleared to return.

Following Spievey's season-ending concussion this past season, it was unclear just how long it would take for him to be cleared. This is why it felt like the Best situation. There was no telling if Spievey would even get clearance from doctors.

Thankfully, Spievey has in fact been cleared by doctors to return. This was confirmed on Wednesday, according to Justin Rogers. This means Spievey can focus on getting ready for next season and focus on getting better (both health-wise and as a player) in the offseason.

Considering Spievey is set to become a restricted free agent in a couple months, he needs to show the Lions that he is worth bringing back. Strictly based on his play, he's probably worth re-signing, as he has the potential to be a starter for the Lions. Given his health, though, it would be risky to bring him back and count on him to be a regular contributor. I think after the whole Best situation, Lions general manager Martin Mayhew is going to be a bit more cautious with guys who have a history of concussions. So even if Spievey is re-signed, I think the Lions will continue to look to add more depth at safety.

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