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Detroit Lions roster review: Offensive guard/center

A look back at how the Detroit Lions' interior offensive linemen performed in 2012.

Jonathan Daniel

As part of our season wrap-up series, we are going to examine how each player on the roster performed in 2012. Next up is our look at the Detroit Lions' interior offensive linemen.

Rob Sims - 16 games (16 starts)

Sims is viewed by most as the Lions' most talented interior offensive lineman. Perhaps that is simply because the other two starting interior offensive linemen receive so much criticism, but of all the players on the O-line, Sims' job is probably the safest. Retirement isn't in his immediate future, and he isn't set to become a free agent. He also isn't likely to be replaced in the near future with positions alongside him in more need of an upgrade. Really, there are questions about all of the starting spots on the O-line for next season except left guard, which is where Sims is once again expected to be in the lineup in 2013.

Dominic Raiola - 16 games (16 starts)

2012 was a pretty tumultuous season for Raiola. On the field, he was involved in the miscommunication that resulted in the Lions' miracle comeback against the Tennessee Titans concluding with a botched quarterback sneak in overtime. Off the field, he was the target of some pretty harsh criticism from an anonymous general manager. To say the least, 2012 could have been better for Raiola, and it remains to be seen if he will be the Lions' starting center in 2013.

Stephen Peterman - 16 games (16 starts)

Peterman didn't draw any anonymous criticism, nor was he the focal point of a botched final play in a game. However, he seemed to have his fair share of struggles at times during the season. If the Lions look to replace an interior offensive lineman this offseason, Peterman could be the odd man out.

Dylan Gandy - 16 games (0 starts)

Gandy was active for all 16 games thanks to his ability to play both offensive guard and center. He didn't do much beyond dress for the games, though, as he wasn't needed with none of the interior offensive linemen getting hurt.

Bill Nagy - spent entire season on injured reserve

The Lions claimed Nagy off waivers last summer, preventing the Dallas Cowboys from putting him on injured reserve. The claim was a long-term move, as Nagy ended up spending all of 2012 on the Lions' injured reserve. Next summer, once healthy, we could see Nagy compete for a starting spot at either center or right guard. There's a lot of talk about the Lions upgrading the positions via the draft or free agency, but the upgrade for one of them could very well come in the form of Nagy.

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