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Week 7 NFL picks against the spread: How do you feel about Thursday night doubleheaders?

Week 7 NFL picks against the spread.

Jason Miller

And I'm not talking about the Tigers/Thursday Night Football doubleheader tonight. (No ratings from me tonight, NFL! Aha!) I'm talking about how the NFL has reportedly been entertaining the idea of adding another weekly Thursday Night Football game to the schedule, because player safety isn't as important as the safety of already-deep pockets.

Fortunately, in what's hopefully not doublespeak, the NFL is denying the reports:

BUT WE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT TRIPLEHEADERS! I'm in agreement with Sean from this morning's notes -- I'm already not a fan of Thursday night games. They make me feel very Weeden.

Part of the reason for that is because I can never get my picks in on time...

Oh yeah! My picks (sans blurbs or GIFs because Anibal Sanchez told me to):

CARDINALS (+6.5)* over Seahawks*

Patriots (-4) over JETS

Chargers (-7.5) over JAGUARS

CHIEFS (-6.5) over Texans

LIONS (-3) over Bengals

DOLPHINS (-8.5) over Bills

REDSKINS (-1) over Bears

Cowboys (+2.5) over EAGLES

PANTHERS (-6) over Rams

FALCONS (-7) over Buccaneers

TITANS (+4) over 49ers

PACKERS (-10) over Browns

Broncos (-6.5) over COLTS

GIANTS (-3) over Vikings

Me Season (last week): 41-45-6 (7-8)
KDawg: 38-48-6 (7-8)
HireMattMillen: 37-30-5 (7-7)

Elfuego51: 37-33-5 (9-6)
Northern Lite: 37-33-5 (10-5)
cram9030: 30-35-5 (8-6)
lions fan displaced in las vegas: 25-28-5 (8-6)
Big.Al: 25-29-5
Reno09: 17-24-5
ncbur10: 3-9-3
JT072589: 8-4-3
Hendo44: 6-8

*denotes teaser (+14) (season: 20-4)

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