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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Monday's press conference

Quotes from Jim Schwartz's Monday press conference.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say during his Monday press conference. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On if he has any updates on injured players: "Obviously Calvin (Johnson) didn't play in the game. We'll see where he gets this week. He's improving every day and if we can get him back, that'll be a big bonus for us for sure. Jason Fox didn't finish the game. No really new information yet. We're still sort of working through that one. Too early to determine if he'll miss any practice time. Theo Riddick missed with a concussion, like I said after the game. He was removed from the game, actually taken to a hospital for a CT scan, which read as normal. He was diagnosed with a concussion, so he'll have to go through the protocol to come back. I think other than that, we have a lot of other bumps and bruises and stuff like that, but nothing unusual for after a game."

On if TE Tony Scheffler finished the game at Green Bay: "He was available to finish."

On what more the team could have done offensively to make up for the loss of WR Calvin Johnson: "It's all about execution. I think we had some opportunities. I think you really look at that game, it was 6-0 at the end of the second quarter. We were backed up pretty good. We didn't want to go three and out real quick, but we got a couple first downs, we were able to get into a two-minute drive, really effectively move the ball. Matt (Stafford) scrambled for a first down and we had a 1st-and-10, I don't think it was a 1st-and-goal, but it was a 1st-and-10 opportunity that was called back with a holding and that became a 3rd-and-15 or whatever it was. And we didn't get it and we ended up with a field goal. And even though we went in only 6-3 at the half, that certainly would have been a big change, being 7-6 right there. We took a lot of negative plays and when we've played well on offense, we haven't taken those negative plays. Obviously the five sacks, but also a couple loss yardage runs and a few more penalties than we've had on offense. Offense has really done a good job of eliminating penalties and I think all of those put us in some tough situations. When you're playing a good defense, you're on the road, those are situations you want to stay out of and we could certainly do those things. We didn't turn the ball over, but then again we didn't get any either. So that ended up being a wash."

On penalties that extended Packers' drives: "Anytime you get on third down, you certainly don't want to have penalties and I think Bill's (Bentley) was on a fourth down. Bill's got a tough matchup in the slot there with (Randall) Cobb. Sometimes you get bad technique, you get a hand outside, something like that happens. We converted almost 50-percent of our third downs in the game and even though we gave up a bunch on defense, as long as you're not giving up big plays on defense, you're lining up and you're playing again. And particularity with the Packers' offense, that's not necessarily a bad thing for holding them to field goals. That play in the third quarter where they went, I can't remember how many yards it was, but Cobb took the handoff and went on the long run, and (Glover) Quin and (Stephen) Tulloch and Willie (Young) and Ziggy (Ansah), everybody's really running hard to chase him and we ended up getting him down right there and hold them to a field goal. And those are the kind of plays that could really put you in good position. With those guys it's about stopping touchdowns and it was disappointing to give up the one we did in the way that we gave it up. It's not all about third-down percentage against them. They're going to get some drives together, they're going to get some yards. We have to be resilient and we have to be able to make the stops when we have chances. We had a couple shots at turnovers. They would have given us a big boost. One of them would have taken points off the board and that's something, again, offensively we've played well when we haven't had negative plays that we've had to overcome. And then defensively we played well when we've got turnovers and the Packers did a very good job of protecting the football and didn't give us many opportunities."

On the possibility of keeping WR Calvin Johnson active as a decoy on Sunday: "If he's not healthy enough to play, we are certainly not going to put a player out there to decoy because he still has to run routes. I mean what's he going to do? Just line up and put his hand up in the air? I mean he still has to run routes and still be an option for the quarterback and have the potential to be able to take hits and things like that. That wasn't an option at all."

On calling the timeout late in the game: "We had one timeout left and they couldn't take the clock all the way down to the end and we were going to rush the punt and we wanted to make sure we had time to set it. We put 10 guys up to rush the punt, if we block that punt right there and score, certainly not outside the realm of possibilities at that point, we are going to try an onside kick and have a Hail Mary shot at the end zone in that situation. There was still some game to be played at that point. Once we didn't block the kick and I think there was 17 seconds left and we were backed up at that point, we were just going to take a knee and the game was going to be over right there. Particularly when they were going to have to punt and like I said, if we blocked that, we were going to attempt to block it, we were going to have as many guys as we could up there, we still had a chance. We are going to play hard to the end, every team does. We weren't trying anything other than trying to give ourselves the potential to have the only chance we had to win the game. We were down 13 at that point and I know as a head coach on the other side I would be very concerned about getting the punt blocked and the potential for an onside and a shot at the end zone."

On WR Kevin Ogletree's play with short practice time: "He only had a couple days of practice and even though he is a veteran player, there is still a reason we have practice and have training camp and things like that. Two of his catches were on the same play so we were a little bit limited when he was in the game. We didn't have a big offensive package when he was in the game but I thought he went in and made a couple nice catches. He did a nice job on short notice."

On his anticipation of Johnson practicing this week: "I really don't have any anticipation. We will just take and see how it comes. We've been through that before with him. He set an NFL record last year and he had limited practice time for a significant portion of that. We will take it as it comes. If he can get out on the practice field, that's great, and if he can't then we'll wait until the next day."

On players avoiding slipping on the field: "Everybody was wearing the same cleats. I don't think the field was especially slippery. Early in the day it was and then it dried out. I thought we had good footing but there was a couple times where it did happen. Everybody went out in pregame and our equipment guys that work with everybody was putting them in the shoes. "

On the sacks given up yesterday: "Certainly, you have to give credit to the Packers, they rush very well. (Clay) Matthews, (Mike) Neal, Neal was a tough matchup, he was rushing hard and affecting the pass. We had a couple, particularly one sack where we had a missed assignment, missed communication and we let one guy free and we were counting on that guy being the guy that was blocked. That's going to be a tough situation for a quarterback. You have to give credit to the Packers, they rushed very well. They covered the receivers well and it forced Matthew (Stafford) to hold the ball a little longer. I think that played into it. It's not always about an offensive lineman versus a pass rusher, sometimes it's about a wide receiver versus a corner. I thought it certainly had impact on the game. We've avoided a lot of loss yardage plays when we have been successful as a team and we didn't accomplish that in this game."

On C Dominic Raiola's comments to members of the University of Wisconsin's band: "When you're on the road, there are hostile environments. Fans say a lot of things and stuff like that. We need to stay above stuff like that. I didn't hear that, personally, on the field. No other coaches did. I think we already released a statement that we are going to look into it as an organization. I'd be very disappointed if that was the case because that's certainly not the character that we want to display."

On if he heard the comments being exchanged prior to the singing of the National Anthem: "I'm five yards right behind them. I'm usually right around the 50-yard line. I honestly don't know where Dom aligned. Again, I'd be surprised if that happened in those circumstances. We are going to look into it. Like I said, if that did happen we'd be very disappointed in that behavior."

On if he recognized a different style of play by the Packers after watching film: "They played different than if Calvin (Johnson) had been in the game. I think for sure anybody would. Honestly, it wasn't a whole lot different than what we saw from the Washington Redskins. We were able to make more plays on the outside part of the field. In this game we didn't make enough of those kinds of plays."

On how WR Calvin Johnson's knee can affect him going forward in terms of longevity: "We signed him to a long term contract. We certainly want to do what's in his best long term interest because those are also in our best long term interests. We're not going to put him in danger. I think those questions might be a little more relevant if we had played him in this game. He wasn't ready to go, so he sat down and the next guy went up. We didn't get the job done. It wasn't because Calvin didn't play in the game. There were a lot of other times that we could have executed a little bit better, like I said. At the end of the second quarter, Calvin didn't get a holding penalty right there. We're moving the ball. We had a chance to take the lead at halftime. Calvin wasn't the reason we didn't have any turnovers on defense. We gave up two big plays. I think that as a team you have to always look at the team and not just one person that played or did not play in the game. We're certainly long term on him. We're going to do whatever we can to put the best team on the field every week. We're not going to have any of our players that we're going to sit out just to sit them out. If they're capable of playing, we'll get them out there."

On if Johnson takes more of a pounding due to his size: "I don't know. There have been some other big receivers that way. I don't know if that has any effect on some of the stuff with the injuries that he has had. Injuries are part of the NFL."

On if any disciplinary actions will be taken if Raiola's comments are found to be true: "We'll certainly address it for sure."

On if a player is exposed to more contact if he's double teamed: "Well yeah. One plus one, yeah you're adding another guy to the equation. I think everybody knows what number Calvin wears. There is going to be a focus on him anyway, whether you're a deep safety or an underneath defender. He's tough to handle. A lot of big receivers are. A lot of times they can make catches and your only hope is to try to jar the ball loose. He's no different than dozens of other guys in the NFL when it comes to that. That's sort of what goes along with being the No. 1 receiver in the NFL. Whether a guy that's 6-5 or a guy that's 5-11, it just sort of goes with that title. Same thing with running backs, tight ends and things like that. It's football. You're going to take some hits."

On if Johnson's injury is the same one sustained from camp: "This was not the same one as camp. This was from the Chicago game."

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