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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Wednesday

Quotes from Jim Schwartz's media session after Wednesday's Detroit Lions practice.

Harry How

Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say after Wednesday's practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On facing a physical defense this Sunday against the Browns: "That's a battle we need to win. When we have won it on offense, it's gone a long way to leading to success for our team. Cleveland's team, I think they have 18 sacks. They have been doing that without (Jabaal) Sheard the last couple of games, who is one of their better pass rushers. They have a lot of guys in there that can rush, (Barkevious) Mingo and (Paul) Kruger, and some big guys inside, (Phil) Taylor. There are some similarities, 3-4 team. We have to be up to that challenge. Not just in pass protection, but also running. One of the big things that affected us last was the negative plays. We had too many 2nd-and-15's and things like that. We need to avoid those. We need to protect the quarterback, but also be able to run the football."

On Browns LB Barkevious Mingo: "He's playing with high effort. He's a good chase player. He's active. He's around the ball. He has great length. He's long. He affects the passer in a lot of different ways. He has either three or three-and-a-half sacks. I think he missed the first game. He's been productive also."

On the challenge TE Jordan Cameron presents: "He's a tough one. In the Norv Turner offense, the tight end has always been a productive player. When he was head coach at San Diego with Antonio Gates, there are some similarities there. You can go just about anywhere in Norv Turners career. Coach Chudzinski, same thing. That guy is playing a key role in their offense. Not just short passes, but also long passes. Five touchdowns already this year. He's made a lot of plays for them. Our linebackers' and safeties' ability to keep him from affecting the game and making big chunks of yards is definitely a key this week."

On if anything can be taken away from Cameron's performance in the Lions-Browns exhibition game: "I think there are a lot of things you can take away from the preseason game. I think our players have a lot of respect for their players. We went in there and we know how tough they are. We know some of the matchups. I think a lot was said about Cleveland after the first two games and when they traded their running back away. People were thinking that it was a catastrophe or they were giving up on the season. I think anybody that knew that team and had played them earlier knew that they had a lot of talent and that they were going to plug the other guys in. They did that with Willis McGahee. He executes their run game. There are definitely some positives to take away. I don't think any team was really game planning very much. It was early in preseason. Both teams were just sort of out there playing. There are some things that you work on more for a regular season game, but then also there are things that you game plan for. I think both teams were just out there playing. I do think there is just from the way they played, we certainly have respect for them. We are going to have to play our best on Sunday to beat them."

On Browns RB Willis McGahee: "He fits their run game. They run a lot of counters and powers and things like that. He's big. He's probably bigger and stronger than he has ever been in his career. He churns out yardage. He hasn't rushed for a great average. I think that's more probably because he hasn't broken any long runs. He's been a consistent chain mover. They're pretty high in the league when it comes to long drives, like 10-plus play drives. They're built to sort of grind it out that way. He's a good running back for that. He's been around. He's been successful in a lot of schemes. I think he fits well in that scheme and our ability to stop that run and not let him continue to let him move the chains, that'll definitely be a key on Sunday."

On WR Calvin Johnson: "He didn't practice today. He's doing a little bit better every day. He got out on the practice field a little bit last week, but wasn't able to go. Last year he dealt with a lot of things and was able to be productive on a Sunday. If he can this Sunday, we'll get him back out there. We probably won't make that determination until later in the week whether he is going play. Whether he gets back on the practice field or not, determination may not even come until Sunday. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes. He's improving."

On K David Akers performances this season: "I thought he had a lot of confidence. He went out and hit that long field goal and there was never a question. He's a veteran kicker. He's kicked in a lot of situations. We certainly have confidence in him. I think we assured up our field goal protect also. (Dominic) Raiola has helped in that way, he's been playing a wing for us. He has done a nice job there."

On WR Nate Burleson: "He's not out there. He's just out there. He's been around the team. He's not practicing. He's been around the walk-throughs. He's been around the meetings. It's been well-documented that he means a lot to our team as far as spirit and leadership and things like that. Even though he hasn't been able to be productive on the field, he's been able to stay with the team and be in that role. I think I said this before, one of the things that, I don't call it silver-lining because it's an arm or hand, he can keep his legs in great shape. When the arm is healed, there shouldn't be as many startups as maybe somebody coming off an ankle or leg injury where not only do they have to wait for the bones to heal, but then they have to get back in shape afterwards. I think if there is a silver-lining in that situation that would be it."

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