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Lions add Steven Miller back to practice squad

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The Detroit Lions have made a change to their practice squad.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

In addition to putting running back Montell Owens on injured reserve and signing tight end Dorin Dickerson, the Detroit Lions made a change to their practice squad on Tuesday. Specifically, they released tight end Martell Webb and re-signed running back Steven Miller.

Webb, a former Michigan tight end, was just signed to the practice squad two weeks ago. He took the spot of Miller, who was let go for a second time.

Now it's Miller taking the spot of Webb. This is actually Miller's third stint with the practice squad this year. He joined it following the final round of roster cuts before the season, but he was released in October. Just a few days later, the Lions brought him back before releasing him again at the start of this month.

The Lions' practice squad now looks like this:

RB Steven Miller
WR Patrick Edwards
WR Corey Fuller
OG Rodney Austin
DT Jimmy Saddler-McQueen
DT Xavier Proctor
LB Brandon Hepburn
CB Chris Greenwood

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