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Lions notes: Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush, more

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Lions notes looks at Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush and much more.

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
  • Calvin Johnson is currently fourth overall and first among wide receivers in Pro Bowl voting.

  • Reggie Bush doesn't agree with Jim Schwartz's assessment that he's not a "mudder." Also, Bush guaranteed earlier this week that he's not going to fumble the ball again this season. Hopefully that turns out to be the case.

  • Matthew Stafford definitely isn't taking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lightly.
  • I now want to see Nick Fairley play running back after reading this:
  • Larry Warford is currently second in Pro Football Focus' rookie of the year race.

  • The Detroit Lions' run defense has been simply dominant over the course of the last month.
  • After going on injured reserve this week, Montell Owens said that he feels like he let his teammates down.

  • Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson is officially out for Sunday's game against the Lions, as his suspension has been upheld.

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