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Lions notes: More on Sunday's loss to Buccaneers

Lions notes looks at various tidbits from Sunday's loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Gregory Shamus
  • Here's your weekly rundown of Calvin Johnson's latest achievements: Johnson finished with 7 catches for 115 yards against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, giving him a total of 9,034 yards receiving in his career.

  • This is just a great picture:
  • Reggie Bush thinks the Detroit Lions need to have a team meeting following their latest loss, and Nate Burleson backed up the idea of a players-only meeting.

  • Burleson commemorated his return from injury with a pizza-themed celebration after scoring a touchdown against the Bucs.

  • Joseph Fauria caught his sixth touchdown pass of the season on Sunday, breaking the Lions' franchise record for TDs by a rookie tight end, per Tim Twentyman.

  • Face meet palm:
  • Here's another facepalm-worthy piece of information:
  • This was easily the best moment at Ford Field on Sunday: You can see video of Captain Munsee's surprise return here.

  • The New England Patriots took the wind on Sunday night in overtime against the Denver Broncos, producing this ridiculous tidbit: Taking the wind nowadays makes a lot more sense given the current overtime setup, and it worked for the Patriots, as they ended up beating Denver on a field goal.

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