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Lions quotes: Players comment on win over Packers

Quotes from various players after Thursday's Detroit Lions game.

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Below is a look at what various Detroit Lions players had to say after Thursday's win over the Green Bay Packers. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)


Opening statement: "We had a couple things that didn't go our way, but our defense did a great job of keeping us in it and making plays for us. When our defense plays like that and we can run the football like that, we're a pretty tough team."

On if the Packers' comments this week fueled the Lions' fire: "Yeah, I think so. People have a job to do and we understand that when you have to write about a team or talk about a team. We're a tight-knit group. We stick together, we have each other's backs. That goes a long way. We played together as a team today. By no means did we play a perfect game, but when we play like that good things are going to happen for our team. We have to continue to do that."

On if the defense's performance eliminates some pressure: "Yeah, absolutely. Defense gives us three points and a handful of first downs, then it's going to be a good day. We only punted one time on offense and when we're playing like that off of each other and they're getting the ball for us and we're scoring then we're turning it over and they're getting a stop for us, that's the way football is meant to be played. People are going to make mistakes. You have to pick the other side up and that's something we did a good job of."

On if he sent a message with the touchdown pass at the end of the game: "I'm just running the plays that were called. (Kevin) Ogletree did a great job of getting open and made a great play."

On his feelings before the game: "It was a huge game. We knew that coming off a short week, off a loss. It's not easy. Hats off to our coaches and all the players in our locker room of putting that one behind us. Monday we came in and it was on to the Green Bay Packers. That's what it had to be. We had to look at them, they're a talented football team. No question about it. We knew we had our work cut out for us and we just had to go out there and make the plays and we did."

On maintaining focus in this game: "It's huge. We lost two games going in to this one that could have separated us. It didn't happen. The past is the past. We had a five-game season coming in to this game. To do what we had to do, to try to hold our spot in our division and move forward and play well. We hadn't played our best game. We still probably haven't. Turn the ball over four times and score 40, you know, only give up a handful of first downs, that's a good game. We have to continue to have that. Got to continue on offense to work on taking care of the football and defense, just keep doing what they're doing today. Getting after the passer like that, that's big time."

On the team being motivated by Packers G Josh Sitton's comments: "It wasn't so much about me. You'll have to talk to those guys (Lions defensive line) about it. The thing I was probably most proud of is how they played. I told the guys before the game when we were breaking it down right before we walked out I said, ‘This is my favorite time of the week when the game comes because talk is cheap. And now it's time to go do something about it.' Our guys responded in the way, not only how they got after the passer, how they stopped the run, but just the poise, all that kind of stuff when we're not having penalties. We were just getting after it and playing good, old-fashioned football. We have to have that week in and week out from those guys. When we do, our defense is pretty damn good."

On if he changed the look or play on the TD pass to WR Calvin Johnson: "No. That's a play Scott (Linehan) dialed up. It was a great call. They brought a blitz when their defensive end was cutting in to number two and we ended up switching who number two was, it was kind of a tough look for a d-end dropping in so nobody really had CJ (Calvin Johnson). Had to buy a little bit of extra time. Our offensive line did a great job of keeping it clean in front of me. Just moved left a little bit and threw it to him and he does what he does and runs through everybody like they're just nothing."

On winning on Thanksgiving: "It's great. It's a step in the right direction for us. We have to continue on this path. I'm sure the turkey will taste better and all that. I'm just proud of our team and the way we played for four quarters and didn't let anything derail us. We have to keep doing that."


On coming back strong after his fumble in the first quarter: "By leaning on my teammates. Leaning on the support of my teammates. Them just keeping me focused, keeping me in the game, because I was really down on myself and really just disappointed that I fumbled the ball again. It's something that I have to clean up. We have to be able to clean up our turnovers, because in the playoffs or in a bigger game, that will get you beat. At the end of the day we won the game. We finished the game strong and that's the biggest thing that we can take away from this, is that we finished the game. We played well as a team and when we get out of our own way, we can be pretty special."

On how important this dominant win was: "It was big. It was huge for us. We answered the call. Obviously our backs were against the wall with the division and the race for first place and everything that was right there in front of us. We answered the call. That's the biggest thing I was impressed with was the way we handled it. We handled the pressure well. We handled the situations well and we fought through adversity. We finished the game strong and came out with a win and we're in first place right now. We have another big game next week."

On if his teammates said or did anything specifically to him that encouraged him after his fumble: "Just telling me to forget about it and move on to the next play, and all the things that I already know. But it's still tough, it's still hard. You never want to put your team in bad situations. For me, I'm my biggest critic. Nobody's going to be harder than myself than me, so it was tough. It was tough at first, but like I said, I leaned on my teammates. They kept believing in me. They gave me the ball the next drive, first play, so I think that spoke volumes about their belied and trust in me. I thought we ran the ball well today."


On how good the win feels: "It felt great, it was the first one in a long time. Not only did we win convincingly, but there was no stress in the fourth quarter. It was a good way to do Thanksgiving and now we get to enjoy the day. It meant so much for this organization to get this today. Not just for what we did today, but to propel us for the rest of the season."

On the Lions having 200 yards rushing today: "We just do what we are asked. Those guys are hell of running backs, I wouldn't trade those two guys (Joique Bell and Reggie Bush) for anyone in the League. They're explosive. Look what they did today."

On if the Lions have taken control of the NFC North: "I think we are going to play with that same urgency that we played with today. That's the best way to do it and it is the only way to do it when you're in this position. We are not going to take that foot off the gas. There is no relaxing. We have a big game with Philly coming up, but we are going to enjoy this one."


On the Packers without QB Aaron Rodgers: "I still think they have the potential to be a good team. I think Rodgers is huge to the team. He gets them going, but they brought (Matt) Flynn in and Flynn has been doing an okay job for them. He's more familiar with the system, but them not having Rodgers hurts a lot."

On if he felt like he was playing with more of a purpose today against his former team: "Not really, man. Not really. I was just trying to go out there and play. It was good to be out there and play against my (former) team, the team that I got cut from and stuff."

On if he knew he would be more involved in the offense: "I knew there was some possibilities, as far as getting some snaps in and some plays in."


On Packers G Josh Sitton calling the Lions' defensive linemen "scumbags:" "A lot of people have their opinions. People have opinions about me. We just go out there and play. It really doesn't mean anything to our defensive line, let alone the rest of our team and coaches. We just go out there and execute. We got the most important thing done, (which) is winning."

On if he was motivated by Sitton's comments: "For me personally, no. I can't speak for everybody else. It's just words."

On the defense's dominating performance: "We just understood the task that we had at hand. First is obviously stopping the run and stopping Eddie Lacy, he's been playing great for them. (It was) very important to get that done and then obviously we did that for the most part. (We got) after their quarterback. He liked to hold the ball and we saw that and I believe we took advantage of it."

On the defensive line coming out onto the field during individual introductions: "That comes from Andre Fluellen. It was really just a collective defensive line thing. We just want to make sure we always stick together. We understand that us sticking together is going to get us really far in this game, especially as a team, so we're definitely excited about that. We feel like we had a lot of fun and enjoyment throughout this week and throughout the season, and we just want to continue to stick together."


On the decision to come out as a group for pregame introductions: "It was just that time. It represented that we play together. Come out together, play together."

On the defensive line's seven sacks: "We just keep doing what we've been doing the whole season. We just have to come and not get frustrated. You just have to continue to do your job and do the best you can and when they come, they come."

On if there was any trash talk on the line today: "No, they pretty much didn't have anything to say. I wouldn't either. You have to put points on the board to say anything."

On if this is as good as the defensive line can be: "I think so. We can just use it as something to build on. It is on film and it's something that we know we can do."

On forcing turnovers: "It was huge. It is kind of like the sacks, it is just something you have to keep barking about and believing in and when they come, they come."


On how happy he is to be leading the NFL in interceptions: "I haven't really thought about it yet. It's a critical stretch for us, hopefully it won't be in vain, and we can finish this thing out the right way and get to the playoffs."

On if it is bizarre to see the football coming his way so many times: "No, you just want to be in the right position. I'm glad they keep throwing it my way. I can hopefully continue to make plays on the ball. I had another (go) through my hands today, it was a little quick one, but it feels good right now."

On what it means to win this nationally-televised Thanksgiving Day game: "It's huge. It's a big game. It's important to Detroit, the organization, the city. You always want to come in here and perform well and represent the city and the organization well and we did that today I think."

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