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Lions notes: Ndamukong Suh fined for throat-slash gesture

Lions notes looks at Ndamukong Suh, the 2014 game in London and much more.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
  • Ndamukong Suh was hit with a $7,875 fine for a throat-slash gesture against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  • The date has been announced for the Detroit Lions' 2014 game in London against the Atlanta Falcons. The two teams will meet on Oct. 26, 2014, meaning the Lions' bye will take place in Week 9 next season.

  • This is pretty remarkable:
  • These stats are also pretty remarkable:
  • The Lions have mailed out invoices for playoff tickets in case the team gets to host a postseason game at Ford Field.

  • Former Lions defensive end Ronnell Lewis is now playing for a team in Oklahoma in the Champions Professional Indoor Football League.