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Lions notes: Calvin Johnson responds to Matt Elam's comments

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Lions notes looks at Calvin Johnson's response to Matt Elam, Nate Burleson and much more.

Gregory Shamus
  • After being called "pretty old" by Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam earlier in the week, Calvin Johnson provided a response on Thursday: Johnson usually doesn't get involved in trash talk or things of this sort, so it's interesting that he said anything at all. I have a feeling he's going to have a big game on Monday night given what's transpired.

  • Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had a pretty funny response to Elam's comments:
  • Nate Burleson, unsurprisingly, had a pretty funny response as well: Burleson is apparently working on a touchdown celebration in honor of Elam's comments. Hopefully he gets to actually use it on Monday night.

  • Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, by the way, said Johnson "transcends even the position." Harbaugh also said that Johnson is "one of the greatest players of our time."

  • In other news, Burleson basically said this week that the Detroit Lions' biggest opponent is themselves. Considering all of the turnover issues they've had as of late, I'd agree with that.

  • Lions defensive linemen are definitely enjoying the fact that they were called "scumbags" leading up to the Thanksgiving game.

  • Kyle Meinke reports that Cody Wilson was working as a youth pastor before he was signed to the Lions' practice squad this week.

  • Chris McCosky has a good piece on what Dylan Gandy brings to the Lions.

  • This about sums up Ndamukong Suh's holding penalty in Philadelphia:
  • Jay Cutler is officially going to start for the Chicago Bears on Sunday.