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Lions quotes: Saturday's comments from Jim Schwartz, Gunther Cunningham

Quotes from Jim Schwartz and Gunther Cunningham's media session after Saturday's Detroit Lions practice.

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham had to say after Saturday's practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On the level of confidence with CB Jonté Green and CB Chris Greenwood on defense: "Again, with the conversations we have had with other guys on our roster, we are confident with all 53 guys. Jonté has not had to play too much of a defensive role this year, but he did last year. He's a better player now than he was then. Again, whoever we put out there, we expect him to be able to get the job done."

On Greenwood not having any live game experience other than in the preseason: "It's a little bit of a different situation for sure. He's continued to work and he's a better player now than he was early in the season. That's just where he is."

On approaching the importance of Monday's game from a coaching standpoint: "I think we have talked about that even up on this podium. Just the opportunity that we have and the competitor in everybody, from the coaching staff down to the players. The competitor in everybody wants to be in this situation. Throw whatever sports cliché you want at it, when it's crunch time it's time to go deliver. That's where we are right now. We have three games left in the season. We're in first place in the NFC North. It's there for the taking, but we have to go out and take it. That starts with the Ravens on Monday night. Last time we left Ford Field, we were feeling really good about ourselves with the win over Green Bay on Thanksgiving. We have to get that feeling back. We know our crowd will make a difference for us. I think you'll see that from our players."

On RB Reggie Bush's playoff experience being an asset: "I think he does bring that experience. It's no different than some other players that we have brought in. We have talked about that also. We have had some players here that have gone through that. 2011 we had to go get some wins late in the season to get in. It wasn't winning our division, but it was to get a wild card. The more experience when it comes to doing stuff like that, the better perspective guys have. I think there is something to be said for it. It is important."

On if CB Chris Houston's injury impacted his performance: "I don't know. Everybody goes through injuries and things like that. There is no asterisk next to your play or to wins and losses or anything else. The whole thing is getting the job done. That's the only thing that we can take out of it. We can't point to anything other than our play on the field when it comes to success or failure."

On the loss to the Eagles: "We had a tough afternoon. Last week, I've been around for a few years and I've never seen anything like that. I thought we were playing really well in the first half and we couldn't tackle the second half. It wasn't the scheme that broke down, we missed tackles. It cost us. It happens and we can't afford to let it happen again. We're glad to be back at home. We need to finish out the right way."

On reports regarding recent losses being attributed to missed tackles: "Well, whoever is saying that, then they should look at the tape because we adjusted by putting Willie (Young) inside. We missed a tackle off of him, one of the DBs missed it. People have their opinions. You can't very well hold teams to winning six games in a row in less than 60 yards. They think the scheme is bad, we missed tackles. That's what happened. We can't afford to do that. We've been a good tackling team all year. For whatever happened, you scratch your head, but you have to move on to the next one. Baltimore is coming to town. They have got a really good running back and we need to make sure that he's covered."

On the defensive line: "We made a priority to make sure that you were back. I told Coach (Jim) Washburn a minute ago, whatever they have right now, put it in a bottle, cap it and let it out on Monday night because they're up tempo, they've practiced hard, and they've prepared hard. I'm proud of the way they handled themselves this week."

On the level of confidence with CB Jonté Green and CB Chris Greenwood: "One thing about both of those guys, if you want have a track meet they'll be there and they'll be there at the end. They both can run, they're big, they're long and they have practiced well this week. Jonté Green has started games for us last year and Chris, I've always liked him. He has a lot of tools. He's smart and he's really improved this week. I think the coaches are doing a great job on those guys. We just, you know, put them out there, we have to go play just like everybody else. I'm looking forward to watching them."

On Ravens TE Dennis Pitta: "He's amazing. The guy is a great athlete for his size. He's fluid as heck. He can run. He catches the ball really well. They didn't need to bring him back, they could have kept him on IR. He's a good player. We need to take care of him."

On how to defend Pitta: "We mix our coverages and our matchups during the games. We're going to do that in this one as well."

On how to prepare for an offense that is so vertical and dangerous with the deep pass: "In practice every day. Our offense, whenever we look at a team like this, I just turn around, look at the coaches and say, ‘Well, we'll work on it every day.' With Calvin (Johnson) and the way Matt (Stafford) handles our offense, we're an up the field team on offense. We need to stay over the top of their receivers and take care of them. We need to have a good rush. It's all got to work together."

On Ravens QB Joe Flacco being willing to take a sack: "He's like (Ben) Roethlisberger. Same kind of guy. He's tough. I think he moves better than Ben does. Ben probably has a little more experience, but not much else. He keeps the plays alive. He does a great job of moving in the pocket. The thing about it is, I looked up all his Combine numbers. He did everything well for a big, tall guy like that. He's a darn good athlete. As long as we understand that going in to the game, we're okay. Sometimes players see a guy that is 6'6 and they think he can't move like that. This guy can move and extend the play. That's how they're getting the deep ball."

On Flacco being built like Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon: "He's stronger. This guy is a big guy. When they're 6'6 and weigh 250 or 240, it looks like their skinny. He's a big strong kid."

On CB Chris Houston's injury contributing to his performance: "It has. He knows it and I know it. We have talked about it. I can't tell you on the injury part of it, I just try to coach. I've had a lot of talks with him. He just has to learn to handle things and come back and play."

On why Houston has been having a down season: "I can't answer that. I really can't. As a coach trying to figure out anything, he comes out and practices hard. The thing that's an issue for him, he's had ups and downs this year. He's played really well at times and then something happens. I can't answer that."

On if Houston will be available to play on Monday: "That I don't know yet because we haven't gotten the injury report from today."

On the matchup between Ravens OL Marshal Yanda and DT Ndamukong Suh: "He's pretty good. I'm looking forward to that one. I think their team has been coached well. Obviously they've been told to say the right things because they have been very complimentary towards our guys unlike some other guys in this League. Some of these guys I guess, I'm not even going to even use this word that they called me, but I know what it means. They run a great program. Yanda is a good, good player. We feel like he's one of the top four or five that we will play against. Maybe more than that."

On what Suh has to do to be successful: "Just got to play. I would like to see a couple one-on-one's but I doubt that will happen. I never get to see that. I dream about it a lot but I never get to see that. I think Nick (Fairley) coming on helps Suh a lot. The other guy who has played really well for us is C.J. Mosley, no one ever talks about him, he is a really good addition to our football team. He is a good person, does a good job with leadership and does a really good job when he comes in there. We have three good tackles. Andre Fluellen, I don't think there is a position he can't play, maybe DB (defensive back), he moves all around the line. I feel good about those guys."

On the controversial calls late in the Philadelphia game: "I don't know, I can't answer that one.  I didn't know what happened and I still don't know what happened. I said, ‘Ok, they threw the flag, we have to go to the next play.' I am dead serious, you can sit there and lament over it, but I didn't know what happened honestly. I said, ‘What'd they call?' I looked at the replay and I said, ‘What'd they call? Ok let's go play'."

On if he has ever seen a holding penalty like the one against Suh: "All I know is that Suh was grabbed by the facemask. I don't know what they saw. I don't know."

On if he got an explanation from the League: "I used too. After Kansas City I stopped. Jim (Schwartz) does, he does a good job of communicating with the League. I just go get ready for the next meeting and next practice."

On if no fine on a late hit penalty indicates that the officials knew they blew the call: "I know a lot of those officials and I really do like them, I respect them. The game is tough and the rules are tough and I don't know how they handle that. I will leave that up to them."

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