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Lions notes: More on Monday's loss to Ravens

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Lions notes looks at various tidbits from Monday's loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Jason Miller
  • The Detroit Lions still don't know how to consistently close out games, as evidenced by this stat:
  • This just about sums up how much Jim Schwartz mishandled the end of Monday's game from a timeouts standpoint:
  • Following the Lions' excellent first drive to open the game, it was all downhill until they scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter.
  • David Akers kicked off for the Lions for the first time all season on Monday night. It turns out the Lions kept Sam Martin off kickoffs because he got hurt in warmups. Martin was still able to punt, though.

  • How about two positive stats from the Lions' loss to the Baltimore Ravens? Here you go:
  • If the season ended today, the Lions would pick 15th in the 2014 NFL Draft.