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Jim Schwartz's fate to be decided Monday morning, according to report

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According to a report, Jim Schwartz's future will be determined during a Monday morning meeting with the Detroit Lions.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that Monday is "Decision Day" for the Detroit Lions, because head coach Jim Schwartz is scheduled to meet with the Lions on Monday morning, according to Jay Glazer (via Ryan Field). During that meeting, Schwartz is expected to learn whether or not he will be back for a sixth season.

I suppose it's always possible that what goes on in that meeting could sway the decision of Lions ownership, but chances are that decision has already been made. Given that the Lions just completed a 7-9 season that saw them lose six of their final seven games, I'm not sure what exactly Schwartz could say during that meeting to convince the Lions not to fire him if that's the way they're leaning.

At the same time, if the Lions are shockingly leaning toward bringing Schwartz back, that's a decision that probably won't be altered by Monday's meeting. At this point, I'm sure Bill Ford Jr. and co. already have an idea of what they're going to do; they're just waiting to actually meet with Schwartz to let him know one way or the other.

Assuming this meeting takes place as scheduled, we should find out about Schwartz's job status by Monday afternoon at the latest.