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NFL power rankings, Week 14: Lions back on the rise

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The Detroit Lions moved back up in this week's NFL power rankings thanks to their win on Thanksgiving.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Two straight losses for the Detroit Lions caused them to fall out of the top 10 in most NFL power rankings. After winning on Thanksgiving, however, the Lions once again have their sights set on the top 10, and two sets of power rankings went ahead and put them in the top 10 this week. Take a look:

The Philadelphia Eagles, which will play host to the Lions on Sunday, are ranked 12th (SB Nation), 10th (ESPN), 10th (CBS Sports), ninth (FOX Sports) and 10th (Pro Football Talk). The Eagles are on a four-game winning streak, so this is going to be a pretty interesting matchup. Philly is trying to take control of the NFC East, whereas the Lions are trying to move a step closer toward clinching the NFC North.