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Calvin Johnson breaks Lions' all-time receiving record

Calvin Johnson broke the Detroit Lions' all-time receiving record on Sunday in Philadelphia.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY S

Last month, Matthew Stafford broke the Detroit Lions' all-time passing record in a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. On Sunday, in a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Calvin Johnson broke the Lions' all-time receiving record. He finished Sunday's game with only 3 catches for 49 yards, but that was enough to move him ahead of Herman Moore for the most yards receiving in Lions history. Take a look:

1. Calvin Johnson: 9,184 yards
2. Herman Moore: 9,174 yards
3. Johnnie Morton: 6,499 yards

Johnson broke Moore's record on a 33-yard pass that left him with a face full of snow. After his record fell, Moore tweeted his congratulations to Megatron:

As noted by Jennifer Hammond, it took Johnson only 104 games to break Moore's record. Moore needed 145 games to reach 9,174 yards receiving with the Lions, so Megatron pretty much obliterated that record. I'm sure this isn't the last time we will hear about Johnson breaking a receiving record given what he's done the last few years.